Frequently Asked Questions About Framing

What does it cost to frame . . . ?

Price depends on and varies with size, framing procedures used, and design elements chosen fo r your particular art piece. FRAMIN’ PLACE’s knowledgeable staff will recommend appropriate procedures explaining their benefit as well as offer design options to enhance your artwork. All design and price quotes are free of charge; so come in, bring your artwork, and explore the options.

How long does framing take?

Generally most framing requires two weeks depending on the materials needed. You may select a one-of-a-kind handmade product which might require several weeks for completion. Short on time? Please let us know, we like to accommodate every need.

Does my artwork stay in your store while it is being framed?

Yes. All work is done by our professional staff on premise at FRAMIN’ PLACE. Framing materials may be ordered and shipped to our store to complete your framing project. The only exceptions are items requiring shipment to our restoration experts.

Does FRAMIN’ PLACE frame needlework?

Yes. We frame all types of needlework including cross stitch, needlepoint, crewel, hooked rugs, tapestry, and all types of fabric art.

What is a dry mount and why would I want it?

A dry mount is a procedure used to adhere a print or poster to a stable backing board and therefore guarantee your artwork will not ripple or wave. Despite glass and backing support, without this procedure your print will ripple as it expands and contracts with the changes of temperature and humidity in your home. However, we do not recommend dry mounting signed, limited edition or fine artwork as this procedure is irreversible and will therefore negatively affect the value of the art.

What if my question is not answered here?

We encourage you to phone us at 410-433-3434 to speak with a professional picture framer who will answer any questions you may have.