Framing Versatility

Your fine art is safe with us!

We have personel with extensive experience in museum quality framing. We therefore are particularly adept at framing fine art.

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Classic Art

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In addition we have an exhaustive array of frames.

from Traditional

Luxe Lodge

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to Modern
Met Noir

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We can help to protect your art from the adverse effects of the environment. Framing is an important form of this protection. You will find that our personel are experienced in performing commercial, custom and archival–framing.

Archival framing protective processing is the optimal choice for important works of art. For example, archival framers will only use linen tape to secure the work of art to the mat. They never use cellophane tape or masking tape or glue to secure a work of art.

Ultraviolet blocking glass is used to protect works of art from sunlight. Even so, works of art should never be exposed to direct sunlight or bright artificial light.

Glass touching art is to be avoided. Condensation and various contaminants can adhere to the glass and damage the enclosed art. For this reason archival framers use acid free mats. If mats can’t be used, for whatever reason, plastic spacers will be substituted.

One key to archival framing is to use techniques that are reversible.

Alas, archival framing is not inexpensive so the value of your art must be considered. Do question your chosen framer for your best options. Also The library of Congress is a good source for information.

We, at Framin’ Place, will be happy to explore choices with you and answer all your questions.