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Art conservation is undoubtedly a delicate undertaking. If you attempt to handle this process on your own, you not only risk the integrity of your artwork, but you may reduce any return on your investment, as well. Keeping this in mind, the certified team at Framin Place is constantly standing by to provide support.

At Framin Place, we staff a series of talented art conservators who possess extensive training in uncovering the causes of decay. These factors may include changes in relative humidity, the presence of ultraviolet radiation, and the effects of improper transportation. After we identify any potential risks to your artwork, we’ll be able to administer the proper framing services to ensure the safety of your pieces for years to come. In fact, we’re available to handle all sorts of commercial, custom, and archival framing services to suit your needs!

Our archival framers make use of linen tape throughout the conservation process, instead of potentially harmful cellophane tape or masking tape. Additionally, we utilize ultraviolet-blocking glass to protect artwork against the sun. In many cases, our team will also use acid-free mats and plastic spacers to complete the job.

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Thanks to our versatile conservation services, you’ll never have to sacrifice style in the name of protection. We offer a wide selection of frames composed of domestic and imported hardwood, along with sustainable, eco–friendly materials. Have no doubt, our archival framing options will complement the existing appearance of your surroundings.

Once you’re ready to start discussing your art conservation project, be sure to contact one of the knowledgeable representatives at Framin Place. Our certified team members are standing by to assist clients throughout Baltimore, MD and all the surrounding communities.