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Picture Framing Services in Baltimore Protect the value of your artwork with custom art and framing services in Baltimore, Maryland. Proper picture and art framing is necessary to protect your pictures and artwork from the destructive effects of sunlight and changes in humidity.  Whether they are old family pictures or a precious work of art, custom framing services can help protect them from damage. You can choose from our vast inventory of frames–including domestic or imported hardwood, as well as sustainable eco–friendly frames. If you are looking for professional art and picture framing services in Maryland, your search ends here.…



Picture Restoration Services in Baltimore, Maryland Picture restoration attempts to return art to its original state. Picture restoration experts at Framin Place in Baltimore are artists who must envision what the art looked like originally and recreate it. Rather than stabilize and protect, restoration makes changes, at times substantial. Time and the elements can be harsh to art. Most artwork loses its original appearance as humidity, heat, light, pollutants, and pests slowly or suddenly cause it to deteriorate. Framin Place experts have years of experience to repair and restore worn-out artwork. Entrust your works of art to the qualified, experienced…

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Frame Conservation Services in Baltimore, Maryland Frame conservation services help to protect a work of art. Art and frame conservators possess extensive training in identifying causes of decay, such as changes in relative humidity, the presence of ultraviolet radiation, and the effects of handling during transport. Art restoration experts attempt to return art to its original state. With the help of specific acid-free mats, dust covers, and backboards, professional framing conservation services utilize high-quality materials to safeguard the value of your art and protect it from the elements, mishandling during transport, and other damage.